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Health and Nutritional Information

1. Prevention. Diets, Diet plans, foods and dietary supplements that provide health management nutritionthrough disease and symptom prevention. Health conditions are preventable through nutritional information about those conditions and measures you can take to either heal or prevent. Prevention is always the best medicine. I want to help you, "Feed a man a fish and you have feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you have feed him for life". If you are overweight and/or obese most people just want to sell you a bigger chair, I want to show you a healthier and better way.

nutrition 2. Performance. Whether you are body building, needing sports nutrition or exercising for good health we are all about finding nutritional products that provides health enhancement through improved physical and mental condition.
The focus is on daily health, accomplishment and success.

3. Wellness. Wellness benefits are about feeling good and finding balance.
This is a holistic approach to health care that includes the body, mind and spirit through meditation to finding balance in mind, body and spirit. The focus is on daily health needs, MODERATION (we have to long overconsumed) and variety.

nutrition 4. Nurturing. Foods that can supply a sense of caring for the health and quality of life for yourself and others and the associated sense of satisfaction for the caregiver. Marketing a product from this platform would include a focus on growth and development, aging and healing. Nurturing yourself and others and nurturing the environment around you. Environmentally friendly products for the inside and well as the outside. From the things we eat to the things we wear, they all have an impact on the world we live.

nutrition 5. Cosmetics. Cosmetics, how we look and feel about ourselves, benefits women's health and men's health. Looking good and enhancing self-esteem through improved physical condition and personal appearance are corner stones to good health. No matter how well you eat if you have low self esteem, are worried or upset then the body gets out of balance.


Internal Body Cleansing

Internal Body Cleansing - Ways To Detoxify The Body

Why a body detox? The following contains some important information to consider before starting a body detox:

  • Where to Start

  • What is Microflora and Probiotics

  • Imbalances Of Normal Intestinal Flora

  • Effects of Antibiotics on Intestinal Flora

  • Signs of Body Polution

  • Solutions

  • Why Internal Body Cleansing Is Beneficial

    According to the National Institute of Health, one in four children is destined for obesity, 70% of adult females and 50% of adult males are overweight.

    Presently, 100 million Americans complain of symptoms related to chronic illness and 80% of the industrialized world is taking a prescription medication.
    The Surgeon General openly admitted, "most illnesses suffered in the U.S. are preventable or reversible when nutrition and lifestyle are the focus of treatment."
    So, what are we saying? We are eating too much and much of it is not being eliminated from the body properly thus causing a plethera of health problems. "See Signs of Body Pollution". But there are ways to detoxify the body.

    Where To Start

    The bowel is a primary source of toxicity, allergy and chronic infections. It is necessary to optimize bowel function in order to properly detoxify the body, assimilate nutrients from our foods, support the immune system and encourage the proper balance of friendly to unfriendly bacteria and yeast in the intestine.

    Lactobacillus Acidophilus

    The connection between food and chronic disease is no mystery. Even the Surgeon General openly admitted, "most illnesses suffered in the U.S. are preventable or reversible when nutrition and lifestyle are the focus of treatment."

    Body Cleansing Basics

    • - Pro-Biotics

    • - Parasites

    • - Nutrition
    • - Colon Hydrotherapy

    • - Functional Assessment Tools

    Human Microflora and Probiotics

    Normal Human Microflora- What is it?

    The microbial population which resides in humans, which is both persistent and stable, and which does not elicit an acute immune response in normal circumstances

    Where is it?
    1. The GI tract
    2. The genito-urinary tract
    3. The respiratory tract
    4. The skin


    - Numbers of bacteria increase as you descend thru the GI tract

    - Lactobacilli (acidopholus) dominate the upper small intestine

    - Bacteroides and Bifidobacteria dominate the lower small intestine and large intestine

    - Meat eaters will have a dominance of bacteroides (up to 95%)

    - Vegetarian diet will have about 50% bacteroides and 50% bifidobacteria

    - Bacteroides are generally benign but they can convert non- carcinogenic food components into carcinogenic components (phecopentanes, hetracyclic amines)

    - Bifidobacteria don’t have capability to make these conversions.

    - Red meat eaters are more susceptible to colorectal cancer, but the cause may not be the meat or lack of fiber, but the ratio of microflora in the gut.

    When supplementing with probiotics, always use lactobacillus (acidopholus) which can attach to cell wall and is targeted to upper GI tract. Use biobifidus for targeting the lower GI tract


    Most important feature of microflora defense is spatial exclusion

    If there is already lactobacillus attached to cell wall, Candida albicans cannot attach itself to cell wall.


    Continue reading about Internal Body Cleansing

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